December 2003

Engine Frame
I got out the gunk and cleaned up one of the engine shells, then bolted the two halves back together giving me a light-weight shell that I could build a frame around. The engine frame is going to be separate from the fan frame, with a flexible coupling between the two. The frame will fit to the engine using the existing engine mounting points; one below the cylinders, the other at the other end, on top of the gearbox. These mounting points already have rubber bushes built into them.

I welded up an H-shaped base to the frame then added two pairs of uprights for the mounting points, with one side leaning inwards so that the top ends are above the end of the gearbox. As I was doing this I spotted a problem if the engine is supported directly by these uprights then the engine wont be able to be removed! OK, so I changed the design to incorporate bolted-on plates to go between the engine and the uprights. Now, if I unbolt the plates I can remove the engine.

Back to the fan frame
With the 660-size belt hanging around both pulleys I worked out where I would need to weld the platform to carry the pulley and its bearings. I welded an angle bracket to the bottom of the fan frame, joining the frame legs together, to carry the bearing support platform.

I then made some brackets to go on the bottom of the fan frame legs to bolt to the rubber anti-vibration mounts, and offered them and the fan frame to the duct. The fan frame has to be fitted so that the hub is at the very centre of the duct, and the frame will be vertical once its all in place. I put the duct onto its back and after making many adjustments drilled holes in the duct bell-mouth to fit the rubber mounts, and welded the brackets to the fan frame. The next thing I needed was a U-shaped bearing support platform in 3mm steel.

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