Hovercraft Construction

These people have spent a serious amount of time on the engineering of their craft.


Tony Broad's website
Tony Broad is an Engineering Lecturer at Wigan College. One year he got his students to build a hovercraft as part of their course. They made such a good job of it that he ended up buying it and racing it. In 2004 he won the UK Formula 3 Open Championship.

Charles Dixon's Viper Hovercraft Project is a good example of the challenges you are faced with when you build something a bit different
 Phil Stockman built a SEVTEC craft and kept a detailed diary throughout
  Yellow Jacket
The Yellow Jacket was originally built by the John Deere company, from plans published in an old issue of "Popular Mechanics" magazine. Years later, Dave Evartt bought it for restoration.
Check out the huge number of  construction photos of this aluminium Universal Hovercraft UH17T, built using a TIG welder and a plasma cutter!
Rebuilding an Eagle 3 Hovercraft
Building a Universal Hovercraft UH12T2 and a UH17T
Read about Claudes SEVTEC build
Ed Hurn is part of Team Eagle (along with Ken Rigley from K&M) 
  hoverholic CAD

Wouter from the Netherlands is building his from foam  - and hovercrafting is illegal in his country !


And some people want to get on with the racing:


Peanut Racing - F503/F2 Hovercraft Race Team

Luke Sedzikowski's Hovercraft site