June 2004

May was a busy month - so what's left?

Fit the engine frame to the floor
Wire up the CDI
Make a throttle control cable
Fit the fuel system components - and a seat/cover
Forget the power valve controller for the moment - I can always do that later.
Fit the skirt
Fire up the engine
Hope for the best!

Electronic modules

Electrics box

I fitted the CDI and power valve controller units into a small plastic box between the fuel tank and the engine. This box also has the connections between all of the other electric things in the hovercraft, i.e. the fuel and water pumps, the temperature sender and the instrument pod on the front deck panel. All of the connections were made using spade terminals and multi-way connectors from Vehicle Wiring Products.

Rudders again

Back in March I made the rudders, but they were a bit on the flimsy side so to beef them up a bit I crimped the edges like a Cornish pasty. I cut out a thin MDF template about 1 inch smaller than the rudder, then with a spot of panel beating, formed the edges, one side at a time.

I then rivetted the edges together and filled each rudder with 2-part foam to make them more rigid.

rudders with MDF former

The rudders, after they have been painted.
painted rudders


The aluminium deck panels were looking decidedly scruffy and needed a lick of paint. I was originally going to paint it all in Landrover green, but that looked a bit dull so a quick trip to my local Halfords in Kiln Lane, Epsom, and I had a tin of Skoda Taxi Yellow. Ordinary primer doesn't stick to aluminium very well so I bought 2-part etch primer from Brown Brothers Crawley.

bare frame bare panels

I stripped all of the panels off the frame, then cleaned up the deck panels with paint thinners, gave them a quick blast with the orbital sander, and sprayed them using my old (1950s) compressor. The result was very yellow indeed. I painted the frame the original landrover green.

very yellow paintwork

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